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HeartShapedFaceLately I have been waking up with a poem in mind. It’s been months since this happened. Unfortunately, my spacebarisbroken. I hope I don’t become one of those dreadful streamofconsciousness poets in the process, for lackof a workingspacebar. The poem below, while it’s about a stream, is not meant to be a play on stream-of-consciousness poetry. Meanwhile, I’m gearing up for a 30/30 poetry marathon that will be part of a fundraising event for Tupelo Press in California. Along with a few other poets, I will write 30 poems in 30 days. I’m flexing my metaphorical muscles now…

Tonight is the New Moon and I definitely feel like a new chapter, or verse, is about to begin.

New poem I’m working on (full poem not included):

Evolution of a Stream

Red maple leaves spin, skate and skirt
‘Round rocks like bumper cars
Hurdling down a stream
At an amusing rate.

To the casual observer, this water moves fast
Hurries over obstacles toward some indefinite
Destination. At least, this is how you see it
On the surface.

A hydrologist plots the analysis
Upon closer study, sees the millions
Of sediments of silt and sand,
Mica and minerals carried along
Curved and suspended:
They lift and settle;
They shift and settle,
Gradually shaping and
Reshaping this streambed.


                   For G.


Designing an Info-graphic

My latest wetland wordle

I like that it makes an accidental poem:

Blue poet teaching
Bog ecology, natural
Rivers written, surface
Fish, fens–emergent:
I guide the swamp,
Swim the freshwater life
Write mucky wetland poems
Birth marsh animals–
Heron, eels, fish
Water lilies, plants
The nature of lakes
Aquatic biology
Human streams.

In the mid-1980s, a local activist group in Wiscasset, Maine started the “Undump” campaign to promote the idea of recycling. I don’t think “Undump” was unique to coastal Maine towns. I remember wearing an “Undump” button and standing along side my aunt and mother at a local  information forum. I was in the 6th grade. Back then, they were called “protests.” That same year, we were assigned to design T-shirts as part of an anthology project at school. I chose “underwater exploration” as a theme. (Most of the other kids picked gruesome topics, e.g. suicide, teen suicide, drug addiction, crimes.) I designed some graphics then with a “protect water” theme.

The “Undump” thing died. Out of its ashes rose “Reuse. Reduce. Recycle.” with the classic circle of arrows.

Along those lines, “Not In My Back Yard” (NIMBY) has been used to such an extent as to nullify the rationale behind its original intent. The people who use that argument, say, against the transportation of oil sands through the U.S. (a.k.a. “tar sands,” diluted bitumen) have been hammering decision-makers with the NIMBY reasoning. In my community, that argument just didn’t fly. I have grown tired of hearing it myself. I propose an alternative.

How about “Not On My Planet” (NOMP) and “Over My Dead Water Body” (OMDWB) as two possible catchy slogans to use instead of NIMBY?

“Over My Dead Water Body (OMDWB)” is especially relevant today in light of the recent national assessment of our streams and rivers in the U.S. Wetlands are against the ropes, too. I can see this on T-shirts, I don’t know about you. I’m going to work on some graphics for this. Back in 6th grade, our “Reading” teacher assigned us to design a T-shirt for a favorite book. For this, I illustrated an imagined scene loosely based on Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier–an image of a drowned Rebecca with eel grass ensnared in her legs and lingerie. (As it turned out, I was just as morbid as the other kids.) Somewhere, I still have that faded T-shirt, and the original drawing, too. If you have ideas about a graphic for OMDWB, leave a comment, please.


Poet. Artist. Ecoheroine. Human ecologist. Spiritual mermaid and Mystic. I write about literary ecology, wetlands, water, Romantic ecology, and quirky adventures with my dog.

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