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Looking ahead at the upcoming transits for February and March 2022, I have been thinking about the Venus-Mars conjunction in Capricorn that will occur Feb. 1st through early March (3/5), 2022. I’m a February-girl, myself, so I like to look at February transits. (I’m a Pisces Sun with Aquarius Rising, and February is the month that shares Aquarius and Pisces dates.) In my experience, I have enjoyed some wonderful friendships and relationships with people who have strong Capricorn energy in their charts. In particular, I have benefited or learned from Capricorn women mentors, bosses, family members, friends, professors/teachers, and colleagues. One thing that I really admire about Capricorn women is their ability to land on their feet–almost cat-like, no matter the situation; they are resourceful, courageous, enduring, and careful, and seem to have good judgment. They are also trustworthy, dependable, and give great advice, especially about plants.

Mars in Capricorn: Cool, Controlled, Commanding, Conservative Climber

What does a Venus & Mars conjunction in Capricorn look like for February 2022? Well, Mars is exalted in Capricorn, which means Mars is powerful there. Here, Mars is dominant, in control of emotions, physically in control, and self-assured. Mars in Capricorn, as cardinal earth energy, is masculine, likes to build, protect, and provide; Mars-in-Capricorn takes the initiative, seeks security (but prefers to build this, rather than have security provided), and climbs the ladder of success in at least one field, industry, or arena of life: ultimately, Mars in Capricorn is driven by a deep motivation to become the expert, the father figure, boss, the CEO, the authority figure, or the master, even if this is as a “life coach” who guides others towards self-mastery. In fact, Mars in Capricorn would excel as a life coach, financial planner, career coach, or as a teacher, mentor/coach in any dynamic in which there are students, less experienced newbies, or others who respect the Mars-in-Capricorn for Capricorn’s expertise, a robust résumé of experience, authority, and achievements. There’s a strong connection with fathers and fatherhood at the root of Mars-in-Capricorn, and this can include practical, down-to-earth ways of demonstrating an ability to provide for one’s family, or working too many hours at the job/construction site/office, likely in the position of leadership, overseeing the project, running the company, or managing a job site. Mars-in-Capricorn energy takes a calculated set of risks, like an experienced mountain climber, utilizing physical strength, as well as high-quality gear, ropes, and climbing pulley systems, which the Mars-in-Capricorn person probably engineered, or at least put in the hours, months, years of endurance training to tackle the more advanced rock climbing (or ice climbing, or cave-spelunking, or other earth-based adventure sport), both as a metaphor, and as a real-life example of how this archetype can express physicality, core strength, and that ultimate drive to move upward. Sometimes Mars-in-Capricorn can appear to others as though making a slow, careful climb in business, relationships, or fitness, but the overall momentum is goal-oriented, disciplined, and powerful. But Mars-in-Capricorn has a dark, albeit “dark and handsome, yet intimidating” side: I always think of the character, “Bill Compton,” in the southern vampire novel series by Charlaine Harris, and the HBO series, “True Blood.” The actor, Stephen Moyer, plays the character, and lead male role, “Bill Compton,” aka “Vampire Bill,” in the series; the actor has Mars in Capricorn, and his cold, steely, reserved, conservative, gentlemanly-yet-terrifying demeanor seems to perfectly depict that Mars-in-Capricorn “life force” energy, if you’ll pardon my vampire-genre pun. Vampire Bill is once, and always, a husband and father figure, also a military veteran, completely faithful to traditions and his southern heritage, while also closely adhering to the structure, rules, and governance of the vampire “ruling class,” a totally Capricornian premise! Remember, Capricorn is ruled by the planet, Saturn, which is known for structures, restrictions, discipline, and cold hard life lessons. Saturn is the teacher, and the disciplinarian.

The “Bill Compton” character is opposite the heroine, “Sookie Stackhouse,” a part-fairy clairvoyant/telepath waitress, portrayed by Anna Paquin, who has natal Venus-in-Cancer (in opposition to his Mars-in-Capricorn), and Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn (secret desires), and Virgo Moon (at 24° Virgo) in exact synastry with his Pluto (at 24° Virgo)–what a combination! They not only played a couple on the “True Blood” series but are married in real life. While I don’t expect actors to play/portray their astrological placements, it’s intriguing when it does seem to play out, especially in the case of a storyline about vampires, and really really old traditions, rules, established customs and a hierarchal structure within the vampire plot.

Capricorn is sometimes known as a cold, calculating, and commanding sign, and is associated with dry, cool earth; so are vampires known as cold, calculating, and commanding creatures who rise up out of dry, cool earthy graves. It’s just one metaphor for this archetype, certainly not the only one! I loved the “True Blood” series, to the point of hosting a “True Blood” themed cocktail party one fall after I first bought my house; my party guests brought southern, Cajun, and Louisiana-based cuisine, and we drank red wine. One of my best Capricorn friends not only attended, she helped me decorate, and kept a cool head even when I started to freak out about last-minute party prep in my typical Piscean way.

If afflicted, or harshly-aspected, or conjunct Pluto, the above traits can show up on the surface, but like a conservative suit, or clean uniform, conceal a darker side: Mars-in-Capricorn can, at its worst, be controlling, bullying, punishing, and/or abusive. Mars-in-Capricorn energy can also show up in behaviors that include “doing whatever it takes to get ahead” tactics, or figurative shin-kicking, or cold, calculated moves. One could suggest that some of Mars-in-Capricorn’s motivations might be partly driven by a fear of poverty, fear of instability, or fear of powerlessness in a past dynamic (including with a father figure or authority figure), that triggers a desire to dominate (or be dominated), to “get down on one’s knees,” or suffer melancholy, depression, joint pain (probably from a knee injury, or knee surgeries), or a festering resentment, if Mars-in-Capricorn feels somehow defeated (especially in a job loss or financial loss scenario). In these situations, where Mars-in-Capricorn is vulnerable, a tendency for gambling, making/taking financial risks–especially when facing poverty, or job loss, visiting a casino, investing poorly in a “get rich quick” scheme, dating a fellow gambler, or applying to pitch a business venture on “Shark Tank” without the necessary research, or careful thinking, might be a few of the Mars-in-Capricorn fall-back behaviors when backed into a corner. Mars-in-Capricorn might step into care for a parent (after the loss of a father figure), and resent that duty, despite loving the parent. Alternatively, Mars-in-Capricorn might seek out a BDSM or dominance/submission dynamic with another person in order to regain a sense of power, control, and authority. Mars-in-Capricorn likes to discipline others. The bottom line, Mars-in-Capricorn works hard to BUILD, PROVIDE for others, and to gain the authority and experience necessary to be respected as an EXPERT.

Venus in Capricorn: Elegance, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Endurance, and Effort

Where Mars in exalted in Capricorn, Venus is comfortable, secure, elegant, effective, and well-admired for her savvy business acumen, killer wardrobe with classic staples. She’s not adverse to putting in the extra time at work (to move toward her goals); she puts effort into cultivating relationships with lasting potential. Everything, and everyone, is evaluated as a possible investment–including, emotional investments. Venus-in-Capricorn owns a suit (or uniform, or at least one little black dress/black pant suit), or black pencil skirt/a well-designed black jacket, probably owns either black high heels as well as sensible shoes, a smart hair cut, or sports a classy “pulled-together” look, –but none of the dressing is nearly as important to Venus-in-Capricorn as a portfolio that impresses with experience, finesse, and the right references, no matter the gender here. Dark violet, shades of wine red or burgundy, deep reds, dark chocolate browns, earth tones, shades of stone gray, and silver also appeal to Venus-in-Capricorn. ALL valuable gemstones, not just the birth stones, as Capricorn appreciates all high-quality, valuable gemstones, appeal to this archetype, as long as it’s worn in good taste, nothing flashy. (Capricorn rules the hair, skin, nails, teeth, bones, joints, and knees.) Venus-in-Capricorn has an impressive LinkedIn profile, an online portfolio, or website, and is well-respected among colleagues, and could probably lead a self-improvement seminar on leadership training.

One celebrity example, Lucy Liu, has Venus in Capricorn (at 21° Capricorn). In one of her movie roles, in the “Charlie’s Angels” movie series, she plays, “Alex,” who at different points of the movie series, identifies herself as “not a bikini waxer,” “an efficiency expert,” dressed in a black-leather dress carrying a riding crop and pretending to be a dominatrix, and an excellent chess player, a champion at equestrian competitions, as well as a highly-intelligent, highly-focused, and a little intimidating, yet a loyal friend and teammate. I realize that actresses don’t necessarily play their astrological placements, but in this case, it seems to have worked out to depict various expressions of Venus-in-Capricorn for the character, “Alex.”

Venus-in-Capricorn is attracted to grounded, earthy energy (of the other two earth signs, Taurus and Virgo) as well as to the water signs, especially Scorpio and Pisces. Venus-in-Capricorn, with an eye for structural aesthetics, is a natural interior designer, architect, or botanical garden designer–and if working in any of those fields, has years of experience, a license and/or the degree or credentials. Venus-in-Capricorn, no matter the vocation, is down-to-earth, practical, magical, (yes, think “Practical Magic”) and likely has a natural “green thumb,” or affinity for growing plants, gardening, working outside with earth elements. Capricorn, as symbolized by the sea goat, is drawn to shorelines, beaches, and might seek a beach-side resort, or lakeside house, or summer camp, as a place to wind down and relax after working very efficiently and effectively, in whatever field/job/authority role that the Venus-in-Capricorn person has carved out as a career, or lifestyle. And it is about lifestyle–with Venus-in-Capricorn, who seeks a certain kind of lifestyle, whatever and wherever that might be, but locations where the mountains meet the sea are especially appealing for this archetype! It is ideally with an eye toward security, longevity, long-term commitment, and an extremely well-planned retirement that Venus-in-Capricorn invests effort, time, energy. Venus-in-Capricorn invests wisely, not only in tangible, material things, but also in people, partners, including for business and romantic partnerships (or traditional marriage). If Venus-in-Capricorn is artistic, the person pairs creative talent with a business plan, a way to market it, capitalize on it, build on it, and ideally, build a clientele, ideally an exclusive clientele, and a tight, reliable circle of trustworthy friends. This is the placement for people who are experts in brand management. Venus-in-Capricorn on the worst days, in times of stress, fears poverty, instability, and rejection–but this is rooted in a deep desire to build a stable future with another person, a partner, for the long haul, or the long climb. There’s a strong desire to be a provider, a responsible “parent” like figure, or a responsible partner in any dynamic, and often, seeks an older partner, whether consciously or subconsciously. Sometimes, there are “daddy issues,” as Capricorn is associated with fathers and father-figures, and if Venus-in-Capricorn is conjunct Pluto, or harshly afflicted, could indicate a tendency / inclination toward dominance-submission dynamics in a relationship, whether at work, or in a personal / romantic relationship, or in an “alternative lifestyle” sense of it. Venus-in-Capricorn might be drawn to a controlling or dominant partner, or by contrast, be the dominant/domineering/bossy/controlling partner to a more submissive/passive partner. This can also signal, boss-employee love affairs that turn into long-term relationships, or “marrying the boss” scenarios. Venus-in-Capricorn has sensitive skin, or might, in vulnerable times of life, experience joint pain, especially in the knees, skin problems, or tooth/jaw pain such as TMJ from teeth-grinding at night likely caused by work stress, worrying about financial loss, or poverty-stricken scenarios. Ultimately, Venus-in-Capricorn perseveres, as a strong-willed type, might be a “Type A” over-achiever, and a bit resistant to change, but taps into that core strength & endurance, in the face of adversity. This type invests in the best skin creams on the market, but will also be frugal in spending, generally, knows how to save for a rainy day, and balance the checkbook.

Venus & Mars Conjunct in Capricorn:

The power couple climbs.

Investing in oneself, or in a partnership.

Endurance. Motivation. Core strength.

Passion builds on a slow, cautious-yet-commitment-oriented dynamic.

What does the Venus-Mars Conjunction in Capricorn (Feb. 1 through March 5th, 2022) possibly mean for us as individuals? It depends on where the conjunction occurs in the natal chart (as a transit), where it might occur in a relevant Solar Return, if one has a birthday in February or early March, and/or a progressed chart, or Lunar Return–each with different layers or “flavors” for interpretation. A Solar Return is useful for looking at the themes and conditions for one year, from one birthday to the next. I’m interested in this dynamic since I have a birthday, and thus, a Solar Return, while Venus and Mars are conjunct in Capricorn. I was thinking about the metaphor of the mountain climber. If Venus and Mars represented two archetypes, we could extend the metaphor to suggest that these are two types of people, who are closely in tune with one another while conjunct in Capricorn. Together, they are the mountain climbers who have put in the hours, months, years of skill and endurance training; together, they have invested in the best climbing equipment, and worked together as a team, building trust, and developing a strategy that works under various conditions, such as when they encounter an obstacle, or high winds, or less-than-ideal circumstances, such as if one has a knee injury. (Capricorn rules the knees.) Together, Venus and Mars in Capricorn are a power couple. Mars is exalted, which means, powerfully positioned, and thus, more than capable of making Venus feel supported and secure. They are the King and Queen of Pentacles from Tarot; they invest in one another, in the partnership itself, as though the relationship were also a business investment. Together, they build, plan for the future, strategize and capitalize on their combined strengths, and when one is hitting an obstacle, the other one takes the lead, offering a foothold, or some kind of tangible, material support (e.g. a rope, or a hand, a piece of gear/equipment, or through financial support) along with instructions that reassure the partner during times of stress. I say, “instructions” because Venus and Mars together in Capricorn respect one another’s advice, wisdom, experience, and sets of instructions, because these are time-tested, methodical, carefully planned, and reliable step-by-step guides; Capricorn values the art of the step-by-step guide to achieving, or ascending, to one’s desired goal. The goal or goals can be anything! One Venus-Mars in Capricorn duo might invest in a condo near their favorite ski resort; another Venus-Mars combo builds a smart retirement plan, that includes land, property, and security; a third Venus-Mars in Capricorn partnership might build a business together with long-range thinking. Together, they are motivated by those inner shared fears of poverty or lack of stability, or a fear of powerlessness; but instead of focusing on the fear itself, this combined energy of Venus and Mars in Capricorn, the sign of the sea goat, the goal-oriented mountain goat, physically, and sometimes forcefully, move in the direction of their shared goals.

If all of this dynamic is happening within one person, rather than a partnership, it can signal a powerful, enduring motivation, realistic goal-setting, financial planning, investing in oneself, in one’s talents or skills, or advancing one’s career, including a strategic move toward mastery, gaining expertise, and garnering respect from one’s peers. If this is happening in one’s 1st House of the Self, I would suggest that this latter description is more likely, rather than an emphasis on a relationship/partnership scenario. Investing in one’s self doesn’t have to mean the same thing to everyone: it could mean seeking a license or certification, or degree, or some other credential that certifies that a person possesses a set of skills, has gained a particular expertise in a niche, or field, and/or has taken the necessary steps involved to professionalize those skills, talents, experiences, and figured out a way to get the credentials to improve one’s sense of self-mastery, and to acquire the courage to climb, face obstacles, and persevere.


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