If you’re looking for my quirky wetland-themed blog, Strange Wetlands, you can find that here. I wrote about wetland science and policy issues for ASWM (2006-2013), and its newsletters and reports can be found here. I formerly edited a monthly newsletter called Wetland Breaking News. In May 2013, I took the reins as Editor of the National Wetlands Newsletter, and I edited four issues (July ’13, Sept. ’13, Nov. ’13 and Jan. ’14.)

In 2020, Former US Poet Laureate Billy Collins called my poem, “My Glacial Erratic,” “very imaginative and engaging” in his comments on my poetry selected for honorable mention in the international Fish Poetry Prize 2020. My poem appeared in the Fish Anthology 2020

My poetry has been published in a variety of literary magazines such as Sea Stories: Littoral Currents, LILA: Literature in Los Angeles, Wicked Alice, Arsenic Lobster, Not Just Air, New Maine Times, Red Ochre Lit, Off the Coast and other magazines (some of which are not available online). Last summer, my Mary Shelley tribute poem, “The Bride of Frankenstein’s Monster, On the Eve of her Wedding,” was published on BONED. One of my poems, “Capes and Daggers,” was a finalist in the Fish Anthology summer 2019.